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Does history matter?

October 14th, 2007 · No Comments

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Something interesting to note (at least in my mind):

One of the most adopted concepts people love today is being a relativist, in more than one shape or form. A big one is the moral relativists, where whatever is acceptable today is acceptable, regardless of what history has told us. Or relativism in general, believing that NO absolutes exist what so ever, not even the concept of “truth”.

What adds to the interest here: if you read history, each generation had it’s group of relativists for its time. 20th/21st century, Rome, Mongols, et all, they all had something like that. What makes it even better, is all these groups either had stories passed down by word of mouth, or today, with the vast amounts of books and resources (some good, some bad). The icing on the cake here is that it seems no one is interested in learning from the past.

Here’s kicker  – “I” (not I as in myself, but I as in an individual) should be able to experience whatever I have an interest to try. If someone tells you the stove top is hot, do you actually double check with your palm? Or someone informs you the knife you are working with is razor sharp, do we ensure it is by running our finger along the blade? …and yet feel the need to do this with other things even when others, who may or may not have a direct experience with the topic at hand, advise otherwise.

Some might say a hypocrite is the worst thing you can be. I have two replies to that:

  1. The context of the hypocrisy makes all the difference.
  2. People who are unable to control their own weakness should never allow that to silence them from giving sound advice, or advocating the “good”

For example – an alcoholic who advises someone not to drink, all while carrying a bottle in their hand. It’s still sound, good advice given the source. A counter example would be someone saying that no one should advise them how to raise their children, yet they always see fit to demean, yell, insult, and beat their children. The context makes all the difference.

I might touch more on this later.

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