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The Genders

October 10th, 2008 · No Comments

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Women totally dominate men of intellect and possessors of hearts.
But ignorant men dominate women, for they are shackled by an animal ferocity.
They have no kindness, gentleness or love, since animality dominates their nature.
Love and kindness are human attributes; anger and sensuality belong to the animals.
” -Rumi
The above quote strikes as one of the clear distinctions between progressive-modernity and tradition.  To provide some background info, Rumi is a famous Persian poet (Muslim) who lived during the 13th century.  To put things in perspective, 400 years AFTER Rumi said that the above quote was when the Salem Witch Trials took place.
Now I’ll go into details on why I made that last statement.  Islam is constantly in the news/media today as a religion that promotes the following things:
  • Forced dominance of the religion
  • Subjugation of women
  • Violence
  • etc.

It would take far too long to go through all of the above.  I might touch on the others later, but who knows.

To give some perspective on the time the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Edictum Rothari, or the compilation of compilation of Lombard law, was promulgated.  These laws were very detailed for its time.  Some notable references with regards to women are:

  • Women could not inherit
  • Vigilantism, as it applied to killing women for her unchaste actions, was allowed
  • Women could not own land
  • Women were under forced wardship of men
  • etc.
I attended a  World History lecture where the lecturer said around the time Islam was growing, there was a session held in Rome about the very nature of women.  The meeting was to figure out if women were actually the same as men (from mankind), or if they were temptresses for Satan.  I can’t find any details on this now.  Should I find any I will update this post.
During the Seventh century women were subjected to many similar tribulations in Arabia.  Much like Europe, families prized men as children, and female infants were often subjected to infanticide as female children “shamed” families.  Once Islam became established women were given the following rights (still in the Seventh Century AD) :
  • Infanticide was forbidden
  • Women were allowed to own land
  • Women had financial rights
  • Males in families became the protectors of the female members
  • etc.
Now back to Rumi’s quote, which was made 600 years after Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) death.  Here you have a man, who lives far from Arabia, and his claim that women are women dominate men of intellect.  The counter side is that men without hearts will dominate women by force (subjugation).  This type of man has the need to dominate in their relationships.  They are devoid of of gentleness and kindness
Things like this get my blood pressure up as it just proves more and more why relativism is a complete sham, but that’s a post for another time.

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