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The Chance of God

February 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

One aspect of the Internet is that it allows like minded people to connect on a global scale.  One community that has grown in collaboration considerably is the Atheist community. An on going debate between groups/individuals is does God exist, or, is someone a believer in evolutionism or creationism.  Often, the competing groups will use different methods of analysis to come to what each perceives (or believes, if that word can be used) to be a conclusion.  One of the leading arguments to deny the existence of God is we have no “proof” recognizable by science, human interaction, etc. that shows the existence of a creator.   Some of the main justifications used:

  • The Problem of Evil (Epicurus argument) – See link
  • Inability to prove religion by “human experience”
  • etc.

The group/people who believe in a creator give a handful of different responses ranging from:

  • The creator is beyond the comprehension of humans (i.e. concept of infinity)
  • He/she “feels” the spirituality because he/she embraces the religion
  • etc.

Modernity has taken the argument on a rather stark turn.  Many people now use human experiences or anthropomorphic examples to “explain” God.  The people who argue against the existence of God see this as a gold mine, as it falls directly into Epicurus’ argument of being an “incapable” God, or the argument that all things have an origin, and the concept of God is flawed because how can nothing before God?

My take on this:  Ignore both arguments and consider the following:

Lots of things happen where we (people) have no input, it just happens.  Some examples: digestion, waste excretion, coughing, child birth, immune system adjustment, etc..  If we look at the world around us we see other things that simply “happen” – bird/herd migration, shifting in animal/insect species, natural occurring food chain, familial/tribal ties with animals, etc.

Now using these things, let us examine the two sides of the argument:

Those who deny the existence of a creator claim that life began as simple, single cell life forms.  Over eons of time, these life forms became more complex and by chance, were able to develop and form into all the various creatures we have today.  From one cell operation – to a multi-organ complex life form that even today, science can NOT explain how all the parts actually work.

Those who accept the existence of a creator claim that God (or whatever deity) created all forms of life.  God created the Earth, space, etc. and made it bountiful for creation to flourish.  Another aspect of the argument is that this deity created humans from clay/dust/dirt, and made it the “best” of creation (i.e. a complex being with the ability to rationalize, make decisions based on predicted outcome, etc.).

Now lets use simple logic to try and asses this.  In one case, we have everything happening by PURE chance.  A simple life form born out of carbon, slowly but surely develops over time and becomes a MASSIVE array of complex life forms; again, all by chance.

In the other case, we have an entity that is above all life, something beyond human comprehension.  This deity gave everything a “start”, and after that, things, for the most part over human history, proceeded at the will of the inhabitants.  The origin of humanity, in this case, is accepted as a known.

In one hand, we have pure chance, and no scientific evidence that connects all the dots.  Science claims that one day, all the answers will be known and it is ONLY a matter of time until the connection is made.  In the other hand, science is irrelevant.  Science is accepted as a powerful tool, and the ability to resolve many of the issues facing humanity, but not the tool to explain the “whole”.  Perhaps the ability to explain the “part”, but not the “whole”.  The “whole” can not be understood during one’s normal life.

From that perspective, for me at least, it seems that the chance of God is quite high.  It appears to be more logical that something had a hand in life, because chance will always be chance.  For the domino effect to have happened, all on its own, the conditions would have had to been perfect for each step to progress, and by that theory, we should still be progressing.  The other case has no domino effect, aspects of evolution are accepted, species go extinct, some new species pop up from time to time.  Something got the ball rolling, and after that (for the most part), the ball has been on its own.

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